Explore what lights your fire and begin an inward journey full of joy, passion and fulfillment.



The Inner Work

As one goes through transition in their life; relationship, career, health, relocation or any life changing event, the change can sometimes feel overwhelming. The fear of the unknown, loosing control and feeling stuck can create the draining energy of fear, stress, anxiety, anger, emptiness.

The change can also be a time to begin an Inward Journey which begins with evaluating your values and beliefs, and being your true self without feeling inadequate or I am Not Good Enough. As you embrace your true Being, express yourself without any blocks, and turn inwards; you feel the creative energy of passion, joy, fulfillment and peace in every aspect of your life.

As a life coach, my passion is to explore what lights your fire and help you be your energetic self, spread your radiance and be true to who you are.




Hello !! I am Nupur. I love the ocean, the mountains and consider mother nature as my guide. I worked for a decade in Corporate America and have MS in Computer Science and MBA. Though, I loved my work, coaching is my calling. I am trained Life Coach from a top coaching institute in Boston.

Two years back, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and went through a year of treatment. With the help of coaching, passion to heal and be with mother nature, the most challenging time of my life became the most insightful. I relocated near Ganga, foothills of Himalayas and realized the power of thoughts, feelings and emotions and how you can harness them to live your potential.

As a life coach, I focus on the Inner Work which helps you tune in to what matters the most, fueling your creativity, productivity and bringing success and joy in every aspect of your life.

Let’s Explore

Let’s explore coaching together. I will be happy to support you in this exciting journey of Being You !! Welcome Aboard !!

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